AIP and Eating Out

Life in Dubai revolves around eating out. There is always an invite to meet for lunch or meet for coffee or meet for dessert. In the past, I’ve been known to spend way too much time in the Ibn Battuta Food Court. I used to joke that some of the restaurant employees knew me better than anyone else in my life. It wasn’t uncommon to eat there 5-6 days a week.

I generally made what I considered at the time to be wise choices even before beginning AIP. Maybe it would be the vegetarian meal from the Indian place, or a a bowl of Thai noodle soup, or salmon teriyaki, or a nice big salad. Looking back I now see the huge amount of grain (rice & rice noodles) and soy that I was consuming all in the name of health. 🙂

For the 4-5 months leading up to AIP, while I was really trying to loose weight, I had limited myself mainly to salads from Zest and was enjoying the variety of options. Once I began following AIP,  at first I thought I’d be ok with the salads until I started thinking about my ingredients of choice…
– Nuts were out.
– No eggs or potato on the nicoise salad please.

– No tomatoes.
– Wait, if I get Salmon it’s probably farmed….soy? who knows what else?
– What brand of tuna do they use? Does it have soy? Is it packed in oil or water?
– What kind of oil is in the salad dressing?
– My favorite dressing (spicy oriental) is out…I assume spicy means peppers.Thankfully, after asking a bunch of questions and asking to see the tuna can, I have a combination that’s yummy and allows me to enjoy eating out with friends without fear. My salad of choice is – – romaine, carrot, celery, cucumber, roasted pumpkin, olives and tuna tossed in fresh lemon juice, with the occasional addition of pomegranate seeds. Pair the salad with a juice (today’s was carrot, celery & ginger) and you’ve got a yummy lunch full of goodness.

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