What’s for Breakfast? Plantain & Kale Hash

I know that for many people breakfast means cereal or toast and eggs, but I have fond memories of eating cold spaghetti for breakfast. I’ve always been more of a savory girl than a sweet girl. It’s because I’m sweet enough already… right?

My preference for the savory lends itself well to the AIP diet where eggs, grains and sugar are all off the menu. So, in honor of yesterday being “National Kale Day” may I present today’s breakfast….

Plantain, Chicken & Kale Hash
– 1/2 cup + (one medium plantain) grated
– 1/2 cup of shredded leftover chicken
– 1 cup chopped kale
– garlic & sea salt for seasoning
Chop, grate. prep all your ingredients while 2/3 T coconut oil heats in a pan. Add all ingredients and cook over a low to medium heat until the kale wilts and the plantains soften and then crisp up. Season with garlic and sea salt.
Starting your day with a breakfast like this is a great way to get protein, healthy fats and vitamins into your diet. Plus, the plantain makes it filling enough to tide you over til lunch.
If you’re not a kale lover, consider these nutritional facts about this green superfood…
Just one cup of raw kale
  • contains just 33 calories
  • provides 134% of your daily vitamin C needs
  • provides 684% of your daily vitamin K needs
  • provides 204% of vitamin A
  • is an excellent source of calcium and iron

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