Quick Weeknight Dinners: On the Table in 30 minutes or Less

Are you struggling with the ‘what to eat?’ dinner nightmare? If so, read on to find more than 50 AIP/ Paleo recipes that will allow you to get quick AIP weeknight dinners on the table in 30 minutes or less. You’ll find one pot meals, soups, stews, curries, meatballs, seafood and more!
pictures of 3 AIP meals you can get on the table in 30 minutes or less
Ok, here’s the situation…. It’s 5:30 pm, you’ve just walked in the door, you’re hungry and tired and the same sentiment seems to be echoed on every member of your household.
You know you need a healthy dinner, but right now a banana and some bacon seems like a great life choice (well, bacon usually is a good life choice, but maybe not for family dinner).
You open the fridge and stare and have no clue what to do.
First, before starting to cook, consider these tips… 

tips to prevent the 5:30 chaos:

  1. Have a plan – Meal planning is always a good idea. If you’ve never meal planned, here’s a great post from “Don’t Eat the Spatula” to help you get started. I’ve lived alone for years (although I have new roommate now), so my meal plans were usually a little less elaborate (2-3 dishes I’d cook during the week). At least, you should have an idea of what the groceries in the fridge are going to become and when you plan on cooking them.
  2. Prep – Find an hour or so some other time in the week to prep as much as you can. Chop veggies, portion out salad greens, precook some chicken or meatballs
  3. Keep the family occupied – If you know you only have a few minutes to cook and you have small kids underfoot, have some simple activities to keep them busy, like coloring pages, playdough, special toys or a DVD that they just love. You might want to consider a basket of toys that are only for this 30 minute period.
  4. Take a Breather – If you’ve just come in the door from work and you’re tired and hungry there’s nothing wrong with taking 5 minutes to breath. Have a snack. My favorite is a “Toasted Coconut Butter Stuffed Date“. Drink a cup of tea. Read a quick book with your kids. Pet the dog. Just be in the moment before rushing into the kitchen.






Once you’re ready to cook, here’s an amazing line-up of recipes that are all ready in 30 minutes or less and many contain just a handful of ingredients.

Quick AIP Weeknight Dinners: Complete Meals

Greek Lamb Skillet from “Adventures in Partaking”
Cabbage & Ground Pork Curry from “Don’t Eat the Spatula”
Sweet Potato Crab Cakes from “Adventures in Partaking”
Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms from “Beyond the Bite”
Ginger Lime Noodle Bowl from “Adventures in Partaking”
Salmon Primavera from “Phoenix Helix” 
Bison, Kabocha Squash & Cabbage Skillet from “Don’t Eat the Spatula”
Pacific Salmon Grilled Panini from “Petra8Paleo” 
Liver with Bacon, Onions & Collard Greens from “Healing Family Eats”
Pan Fried Halibut with Green Olive Mash from “Healing Family Eats”
Shrimp & Sweet Potato Coconut Curry from “Adventures in Partaking”
shrimp and sweet potato curry

Quick AIP Weeknight Dinners: Meat Dishes

Speedy Salmon Salad from “Meatified”
Crab & Meyer Lemon ‘Pasta’ from “Adventures in Partaking”
Fig Crusted Salmon from “Adventures in Partaking”
Broiled Mackerel with Gremolata from “Salixisme”
Greek Pesto Salmon from “Adventures in Partaking”
Wild Sockeye Salmon from “Healing Family Eats”
Italian Tuna Mousse from “Adventures in Partaking”
Mackerel with a Green Sauce from “Salixisme”
Mackerel with Garlic & Bay Leaves from “Comfort Bites”
Crab & Bacon Stuffed Salmon from “Adventures in Partaking”
Easy Crispy Duck Breast from “Phoenix Helix”
Maple Cranberry Skillet Chops from the “Paleo Partridge” 
meatballs with strawberry balsamic glaze
Meatballs with Strawberry Balsamic Glaze from “Adventures in Partaking”
Sneaky Sliders from “The Bacon Mum”
Thai Meatballs from “Adventures in Partaking”
Lamb, Bacon & Spinach Burgers from “Adventures in Partaking”
The AIP Burger from “Comfort Bites”
Guacamole Turkey Burgers from “Beyond the Bite”
Coconut & Cilantro Turkey Burgers from “The Bacon Mum”
Hidden Liver Mediterranean Turkey Burgers from “Beyond the Bite”
BBQ Meatballs from “Adventures in Partaking”
aip safari: an aip travel cookbook
sweet and crunchy tuna salad


Quick AIP Weeknight Dinners: Dinner Salads

Grilled Steak & Watermelon Salad from “Adventures in Partaking”
Steak Salad with Arugula from “Phoenix Helix”
Quick Orange Chicken from “Adventures in Partaking” 
Grilled Chicken & Peach Salad from “Salixisme”
Summer Cobb Salad from “Adventures in Partaking”
Seared Tuna Salad with Summer Berries from “Adventures in Partaking”
Sweet & Crunchy Tuna Salad (5 minutes) from “Adventures in Partaking”
grilled steak and watermelon salad
a big bowl of spicy mashed sweet potatoes

Quick AIP Weeknight Dinners: Side Dishes & More

Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from “Adventures in Partaking”

Summer Fruit Gazpacho from “A Squirrel in the Kitchen”
Thai Coconut & Shrimp Soup from “The Bacon Mum”

Celeriac Dill Mash from “Adventures in Partaking”
Sukuma Wiki (Sauted Kale) from “Adventures in Partaking”
Gingered Cabbage & Carrots from “Adventures in Partaking”
Potluck Broccoli Salad from “Adventures in Partaking”
Spicy Alu Makha (sweet potato) from “Adventures in Partaking”

Create Your Own Breakfast Skillet from “Autoimmune-Paleo”
Blueberry, Bacon Breakfast Burgers from “Adventures in Partaking”
Bison Breakfast Skillet from “The Paleo Partridge”
Lamb & 2 Squash Skillet from “Adventures in Partaking”
Chai Spice & Pear Noatmeal from “Eat Heal Thrive”
Butternut Breakfast Bites from “Adventures in Partaking” 
Carrot Cake Breakfast Cereal from “Eat Heal Thrive”
Maple & Sage Sausage Skillet from “Adventures in Partaking”


breakfast stuffed sweet potatoes
Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


pictures of three quick AIP weeknight dinners







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