Stewed Beef in Mango & Rosemary Sauce {Crock Pot, AIP, Paleo}

I have a pretty full schedule…trying to balance a full time job (as a children’s ministry director as a church), blog writing (both here and for Ministry-to-children), recipe creating, keeping enough food in my house to feed myself and whoever else happens to be around, daily household chores, leading and attending various Bible studies, hanging out with my roommate and other friends, and trying to make sure I get enough sleep and exercise. PHEW…I’m tired just thinking of it and I don’t have a family to feed and spend time with, like I know so many of you do.

What’s my secret weapon you ask?? Well, a slow cooker (crock pot) of course. I love filling it up in the morning and coming home to a meal ready to enjoy with little clean up. Plus, when it’s 110+ F outside, the last thing I want to do it heat up the kitchen.

I promise you’ll want to toss this in your slow cooker for meals throughout the week. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s full of flavor. It’s perfect as a meat for a “taco” salad, or stuffed in a baked potato, or served alongside some stir fried veggies. This will easily become one of your  go-to recipes.

Stewed Beef in a Mango & Rosemary Sauce
Time: 10 minutes prep + 8 hours cooking
Serves: 8
– 3 pounds of grass-fed stew beef cut into 1- 1 1/2 inch chunks
– 1 large onion 

– 2 large mangoes (4 peaches or nectarines could be substituted)

– 2 T dried Rosemary

– 1 T dried garlic flakes
– 1 cup water
– 1 t salt
– 1 T balsamic vinegar
– chop onion – cut in half and then slice thinly
– chop mangoes or fruit of choice into small pieces (they will dissolve and make the sauce)
– place meat, onion, mangoes, rosemary, garlic & water into the slow cooker and turn to low
– cook for 8 hours on low (maybe 4-5 on high). The meat should be tender and falling apart
– mix in 1 t sea salt and 1 T balsamic vinegar & stir well
– Enjoy!
Pressure Cooker/ Instant Pot Option:
– total time- – 50 minutes
– heat 1 T olive oil in the pot & brown the meat for 5-6 minutes
– add remaining ingredients & 1/2 cup water
– cook on high pressure for 35 minutes
– natural pressure release 
– scoop out meat to shred and use an immersion blender to blend the mango and onions into a sauce
**This recipe was shared on the Phoenix Helix AIP RoundUP

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