Peach and Sea Salt Ice Cream {Paleo, AIP, Dairy Free} + How to Make Ice Cream without an Ice Cream Maker

Did you know that I was born in Georgia? I was. I’ve only lived there for a total of less than 6 years, but I was born in Georgia. I may not have spent much of my life there, but somewhere deep inside I am a Georgia peach and when it comes to food I do enjoy all things Georgian…. biscuits & gravy, grits, shrimp & hushpuppies, pecan pie, and from this recipe it should go without saying….Peach Ice Cream…or just peaches in general. There is just something about sweetness of this summer fruit that naturally lends itself to ice cream. 

I have memories of homemade peach ice cream from several points of my life. I remember finally being old enough to crank the hand crank ice cream maker myself (at least for part of the time) and the sore arms I’d have afterward. I remember making ‘fake’ peach ice cream with mangoes in Tanzania. Speaking of using mango instead of peach….did you know that a green mango can sub for apple in apple pie (no apples either where we lived in Tanzania). And, I remember living in Texas as an adult and a man in my church making enough peach ice cream to feed the whole church for a family night at the park. 
A couple of weeks ago I saw some peaches in the grocery store and thought about how crazy hot it was outside and my mind automatically went to peach ice cream. But, I don’t have an ice cream maker….hand crank or otherwise. I do have one of these ice cream making bowls and I love it when I’m just making ice cream for one, but I wanted to try a different no churn option this time. 
So, I peeled and sliced the peaches. I placed them in a single layer on a parchment lined baking sheet and stuck them in the freezer. Once frozen, the peaches went into the food processor with the rest of the ingredients and voila…ice cream
If you’re like me and you too don’t have an ice cream maker, this same method can be used to make any number of ‘no-churn’ ice creams. The idea for all of these no-churn ice creams came from the ‘banana ice cream craze’ of a few years back. Did you know that you can actually buy a banana ice cream maker…if you feel the need for another gadget.
The concept that begin with turning frozen bananas into ice cream works for most other fruits as well and allows you to have ‘ice cream’ without the guilt and to completely control your ingredients. The trick is to freeze your fruit in small pieces, process the frozen fruit with other ingredients, then let it chill again to harden. With some fruits I find it helpful to add banana or avocado to the mix to help make it more creamy. Have fun, try with small quantities and I’m sure you’ll come up with a flavor combination you enjoy. Be sure to pop back in the comments and let everyone else know what worked for you.
I’ve done the following combinations:
– Avocado & Berries with a little honey & a little coconut milk
– Mango with just a bit of coconut milk
– Banana & Strawberry with balsamic vinegar
Now, onto the recipe. 
But first I know you’re wondering about the sea salt and thinking that must be a mistake. Before you think I’m insane, do you like a little salt on your watermelon? How about melon wrapped in proscuitto? The concept is the same in all of these. The salt brings out flavor and makes the fruit taste more fruity. It enhances the natural sweetness of the peaches.
Plus, I find that a bit of salt on fruit based ice cream makes me think of the beach where you might get a little salt in the air when you lick your ice cream cone. Try it. I promise you’ll like it.
Peach and Sea Salt Ice Cream
{Paleo, AIP, Dairy Free}
Time: 5 minutes + chilling time
Serves: 3-4
2.5 cups frozen peaches
1/4 cup full fat cold coconut milk (this is my favorite brand)
1 T maple syrup (optional if your peaches are really sweet)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
– peel, chop and freeze your peaches (at least 4 hours)
– place coconut milk can in fridge
– add 2 cups peaches, cold (shaken up) coconut milk & maple syrup to food processor and process until smooth
– add remaining 1/2 cup of peaches and pulse a couple of times to leave them in chunks in the ice cream
– transfer to a freezer safe container and freeze for about 45 minutes
– sprinkle with sea salt, stir in and serve
** Ice cream can be kept in the freezer for a week (or more), just thaw on the counter for 20- 30 minutes to soften a bit before serving
*A note about “AIP Treats”: While it is true that this ice cream and other treats on this blog are made with AIP friendly ingredients, it should be noted that the AIP diet is primarily about nutrient density and healing and with that in mind treats should be reserved for special occasions. This are occasional foods, not everyday food. Treat often are higher in sugar content (even fruit) and as sugar causes inflammation for many of us following AIP, we need to make treats an occasional part of our lives. 
** This recipe was shared on the Phoenix Helix AIP Roundtable

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