AIP Movie Snacks

Just because you realize that AIP means that you can’t eat popcorn, candy or nachos at the theatre doesn’t take away your desire to munch on something at the movies. Read on for a whole list of AIP movie snacks.
Just because you realize that AIP means that you can't eat popcorn, candy or nachos at the theatre doesn't take away your desire to munch on something at the movies. Read on for a whole list of AIP approved movie snacks. AIP/ paleo/ autoimmune protocol

This weekend there is a family movie event at my church. We’re going to be watching a new film called “the Biggest Story” as a kickoff for our new school year. Kids and parents alike are excited. Everything is planned, down to the funny glasses and pompoms for the ‘selfie station.’ And, SNACKS have been purchased in bulk ready to be enjoyed by one and all. 

As I was shopping for the snacks and filling the cart with all kinds of processed foods I had a little moment of grief for the days when I too could enjoy all the junk food. I wished (briefly) that I could dive head first into the snacks I was buying, but then remembered how good I feel on AIP and wouldn’t exchange that for all the junk food in the world.

BUT…then I got to thinking…. Just because I choose not to eat all that processed junk food, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some fun snacks for a movie or game night. And, some of it can even be bought in stores, and the rest can easily be whipped up for your next event. You don’t have to just sit munching on your carrot sticks while your friends enjoy their snacks…you can enjoy your own delicious AIP snacks. 

Here’s a fun roundup of AIP friendly ‘movie night’ snacks for your snacking enjoyment!!

Store Bought Treats(affiliate links)
Plantain Chips
Epic Bites
Coconut Butter 
Cassava Strips
Sweet Potato Chips

AIP Movie Snacks with Meat:

Bacon Wrapped Avocados – Oh, Sweet Basil
BBQ Pork Buns – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
Dolmas (stuffed grapeleaves) – A Clean Plate
Epic Bites – Food to Heal Ourselves
Italian Tuna Mousse – Adventures in Partaking
Popcorn Meatballs – Sweet Potatoes and Social Change
Rosemary Bacon Beef Liver Pate – Gutsy by Nature
Sweet Potatoes Wrapped in Bacon – Spicy Southern Kitchen
Thai Meatballs – Adventures in Partaking
Tuna Bites – Adventures in Partaking
Wild Salmon & Leek Pate – Healing Family Eats

AIP Movie Snacks- Crunchy & Savory:
AIP Ranch Crackers – Forest & Fauna
Parsnip Chips – Fit to Blog
Plantain Chips & Guacmole – Gutsy by Nature
Plantain Crackers – Primal Palate
Roasted Coconut Flakes – A Squirrel in the Kitchen
Sweet Potato Paratha – Adventures in Partaking

AIP Movie Snacks – Dips:
AIP Queso – He Won’t Know it’s Paleo
Cucumber Peach Salsa – Eat Heal Thrive
Roasted Cauliflower Hummus – Strictly Delicious
Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Hummus – Autoimmune Paleo
Roasted Garlic Zucchini Hummus – from Adventures in Partaking
Savory Pumpkin Dip – Meatified
Spinach Avocado Pesto – Adventures in Partaking

Sweet AIP Movie Snacks:
Banana Cinnamon Teacake – Healing Family Eats
Coconut Turmeric Bites – Unbound Wellness
Maple Bacon Snowballs – Adventures in Partaking
Sweet Potato Kitchen Sink Cookies – Adventures in Partaking

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