13 Top Tips from the AIP Trenches

Are you looking for tips and tricks to help you get started on the AIP or to help you along your journey? This post is full of AIP Tips from fellow AIPers just like you…others who are also in the trenches and doing this AIP thing along with you. Read on…
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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been asking a series of questions on the Adventures in Partaking Facebook page designed to encourage and inspire each other. My thought is that too often we look to the “experts” (the bloggers and cookbook writers – who are all great resources by the way), but we forget about the thousands of people living the AIP life day in and day out. 

Some of these are tips for getting started, some are products that people love, some are time saving tips and some are cooking hacks. I’ll also jump in and editorialize by adding some links and other helpful suggestions. My hope is that this post becomes a go-to post to keep all of us on the right track. 

{This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click on a link in the post and buy something I’ll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps me keep providing you with lots of FREE recipes and resources.}


So, without further ado I present the advice from the real experts… YOU…

 AIP Tips from the Trenches:

  • Don’t think about it like you will be modifying things you already eat to AIP – those things are usually more complicated and not as nutrient dense. It’s actually easy: a protein, vegetables, a starch. Balanced appropriately. Do “recipes” on special occasions, but keep it basic otherwise. And make a lot so you have leftovers. – Anaka
    For those “special occasions” when you want recipes, a great go-to for recipes is Pintrest and the Phoenix Helix AIP Round Table
  • Buy an Instant Pot to make bone broth (and other stuff) and read this book… “A Simple Guide to the Autoimmune Protocol.” – Amanda
  • Buy in bulk. Go in together with other AIPers (or Paleoers) and visit a farm or butcher to buy plenty of beef and bones. Cook well ahead. Throw out every possible snack in your house that’s not AIP. Get your significant other to help you. Change your words from ‘I can’t eat this’… to ‘I don’t eat this.’ – (UAE)
  • Batch cook things like meat patties and little pots of pâté and freeze them. Easy to grab out of the freezer for an emergency meal (combined with salad or veggies) or a snack to keep you going. – Cath (UAE)
  • I sometimes feel like I couldn’t live without my crockpot. It gets used about once a week to make bone broth. I also love to come home from a long day at work and smell dinner cooking. My 2nd favorite kitchen gadget is my ninja blender. Great for blending soups, shakes, salad dressing, etc. I use these items at least once a day. – Shannon (Saudi Arabia)Some of my favorite crock pot recipes are: Apple Spice Beef Stew, Stewed Beef in Mango Rosemary Sauce and Simple Crock Pot Chicken. And, here’s a round up of 50+ AIP crockpot recipes.
  • Use the food processor to cut up all those veggies for salads and soups otherwise your AI (RA in my case) will probably flare from all that chopping! – Sadie (USA)
  • Stick to the basics of cooking. Keep it simple. – Petrina
  • Make a big pot of soup each weekend. My method take a pound of meat and then add as many veggies as I have in the house. Often, I just use water and let the meat and veggies create the flavor for the broth (because let’s face it – we don’t always have broth on the stove). Then,I add seasonings. Simple, easy to make, and can vary with what you have in the house. Great to eat during the week when you don’t have something planned. if you don’t eat it all freeze in small batches. – Alison (USA)
    Alison is my soul-sister when it comes to AIP tips and soup. I always have a random soup in the fridge. To make your soup more nutrient dense, use lots of good bone broth. OR, when I run out, I sprinkle in some gelatin at the end of the cooking process to up the healing power of the soup. If you’re looking for some good soup recipes, some of my favorites are:
    Cream of Chicken and Veggie Soup
    Creamy Leek and Asparagus Soup with Maple Bacon
    French Onion and Apple Soup
    Mushroom Cheeseburger Soup
  • Remember that you are doing this for your health and to feel well. Don’t talk yourself out of it and don’t let anyone else talk you into ‘just a little bit can’t hurt you.’ They don’t understand. – Ginger
  • Get an Instant Pot. It’s a must. Pot roast in under an hour, bone broth in under 3. Major lifesaver for this working mom. – Ashley (USA)
  • Get plenty of AIP cookbooks so you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself. – Stephanie
    Some of my favorite AIP Cookbooks are:The Healing KitchenHe Won’t Know it’s PaleoSimple French PaleoThe Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook
Click this photo to get more info on my ebook "AIP Safari"


  • Batch cook so you will always have “allowed” food available anytime you get hungry. – Irene
  • Be prepared before you start AIP, for meals and before you get hungry. Make sure you have the food in, plan for going out with friends. Just think about different scenarios and how you would deal with it. It helps when you get to crisis point. – Anny (UK)

Are you looking for tips and tricks to help you get started on the AIP or to help you along your journey? This post is full of AIP Tips from fellow AIPers just like you...others who are also in the trenches and doing this AIP thing along with you. Read on...

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