Introducing “My Paleo AIP Indian Adventure” + Recipe Preview

My Paleo AIP Indian Adventure is a journey into the food culture of India through an AIP lens. 60+ Indian recipes – 100% AIP & Paleo! PLUS a sneak peek at one of the recipes in the book!

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Hey there Adventures in Partaking World!

I know I’ve been a little quiet and slow with the recipe posts on here the last few months and that’s because I’ve been working on a secret (well not so secret because I’m bad at keeping secrets) project. My hubby and mother in law have been helping me recreate a ton of favorite Indian recipes to all be 100% AIP compliant and my 2nd ebook “My Paleo AIP Indian Adventure” is ready to be released out into the great big world and fill all of your kitchens with yummy AIP Indian goodies.

My Paleo/ AIP Indian Adventure represents a journey into the food culture of India through an AIP lens. In this 108 page cookbook we’ll explore the food culture of India, we’ll talk about spices and how they can be adapted to the AIP diet and we’ll get to cooking. This book is packed with 60+ Indian recipes that are all 100% AIP elimination phase compliant, while still being 100% full of flavor. And, you get all of this for only $14.99.

When you started the AIP diet and lifestyle, if you were anything like me you looked through the list of YES and NO foods and when you get down to the notice that nightshades aren’t allowed and you automatically start grieving the loss of Indian food. 

Well… your days of grief are over with this exciting new cookbook!

AIP Indian/ AIP/ Paleo/ autoimmune protocol/ adventures in partaking

It’s finally here… Indian food without a hint of grains, dairy, eggs, soy, processed sugar, nuts, seeds, seed based spices or nightshades. It may sound impossible, but now with My Paleo/ AIP Indian Adventure, the impossible has been done.

Imagine it…. You can eat curry without the pain associated with nightshades….
….. you can eat roti without the bloated feeling of consuming gluten….
….. and believe it or not, you can even have gulab jamun again (no dairy or processed sugar in this recipe).


  • breads – chapatis, roti, dosa, paratha
  • basics – curry powder, coconut milk, ‘rice’, etc.
  • snacks – chat, samosas, bajis, etc.
  • chutneys -coconut, tamarind, mango, etc.
  • curries, kebabs and biryani – meat, chicken, seafood
  • veg dishes – cabbage, cassava, okra, pumpkin, bitter gourd, etc.
  • drinks – kahwa, chai, etc.
  • desserts – halwa, burfi, kulfi, gulab jamun, etc.
  • and more!!!


AIP Indian/ AIP/ autoimmune protocol/ adventures in partaking


As well as more that 60 delicious Indian recipes, this cookbook will also serve as a resource for following the AIP diet and dealing with the reality that you may have said goodbye to nightshades forever.


  • what is paleo? what is AIP?
  • a look at India and Indian food
  • my journey of grieving and reclaiming spice in my life
  • spice substitutions
  • glossary of Indian ingredients
  • a note on reintroductions
  • and more!

And, you get all of this in a handy ebook for only $14.99. That’s less than you’d spend going out for a nice Indian dinner and instead of coming home in pain and bloated, you can cook Indian food til your heart’s content and feel good about it too.

Download now and get to cooking!



  • Lamb Rogan Josh
  • Goan Mango Curry
  • Chicken Reshmi Kebabs
  • Onion Bhajis
  • Garlic Cilantro Roti
  • Prawn Masala
  • Carrot Halwa
  • Kahwa
  • and many, many more!


And, because I love you… my faithful readers…. so much, here is a preview recipe from the book. This is one of the simplest recipes in the book and one of my favorites. I’ve been making it 2-3 times a week the last month. It does require dried rose petals, but if you can’t find them in your store you can get them here. This drink is based on a drink we were served while on vacation in Jaipur, India a few weeks back and we both loved it so much that I just had to come home and recreate it. It’s a fun and festive drink to serve at a party or just because!

five glasses of rose scented iced tea on a piece of paper with rose petals sprinkled around



rose scented iced tea/ aip/ paleo/ indian/ iced tea/ rose tea/ autoimmune paleo

Shahi Gulab Jal (Rose Scented Iced Tea)

  • Author: Bethany Darwin - Adventures in Partaking
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Yield: 4 servings
  • Category: Drinks
  • Cuisine: Indian


This rose scented iced tea is the perfect drink to help you cool off on a warm summer afternoon.


  • 1 cup dried rose petals
  • 3 bags green tea
  • 1 TBSP honey
  • 2 TBSP lemon juice (about 1 lemon)
  • 6 cups water (2 hot and 4 cold)
  • ice for serving


  1. steep rose petals in 2 cups hot water (just shy of boiling) for 10 minutes
  2. strain out rose petals
  3. add tea bags and steep an additional 3 minutes
  4. remove tea bags and stir in honey and then lemon juice
  5. top up with cold water and ice
  6. garnish with a few rose petals
  7. serve cold



an ipad cover of the ebook My paleo AIP Indian Adventure

7 thoughts on “Introducing “My Paleo AIP Indian Adventure” + Recipe Preview”

  • I am loving your cookbook. The recipes are so delicious. I have loved everything I have made so far. I was missing Indian takeout, but no more. Delicious and easy! Thank you so much for letting and AIP newbie know that I can still have delicious, flavorful food.

  • I am so thankful that I purchased this cookbook! It came at a time when I was tired and quite nearly ready to just quit.
    ALL of the recipes we have made (and we’ve made quite a few) have been amazing.
    Mango Ginger Chutney is now kind of a staple. Date Tamarind Chutney the same. (I’m trying to work on my sauces…)
    ALL of the meat recipe are lovely. Using beef instead of lamb.
    My only disappointment with the book is that some of the recipes use cassava flour, which is very expensive here. HOWEVER, Bethany also includes directions to make your own.
    You’ll love this book.

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