9 AIP Summer Drinks to Keep You Cool All Summer

Ready for some fun and flavorful AIP summer drinks? These drinks will help to cool you off during the hot summer without compromising on your AIP diet. They’re all packed with summer flavor and totally free of processed sugars.


a glass of rose scented iced tea


Yesterday I was doing some reading for my NTC course. Wait, did I tell you that I’m a student again? This month I started studying to be a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and I’m having so much fun and learning so much already.

Anyway, I was doing some class reading and came across a fact that I remember from high school biology, that always amazes me…. the human body is 60% water. So obviously we need to keep replenishing the water in our body as we’re constantly loosing is through our breath, sweat and other bodily functions. This replenishing needs to come through high water content foods (like veggies and fruit) and through drinking water.

Now I love water. Just plain room temp water. In fact, I’ve always wondered if I was part camel. I seriously love my water and feel like I can guzzle it and store it up for a while…. (although my water storage time is more like a couple of hours than a couple of weeks).

But, as much as I LOVE water, there are some times that you want something that feels a little special… an iced tea, a juice, something sparkling and sweet.

So, as the temps heat up outside and then need to cool down with cold beverages gets greater, I thought it would be fun to scour the net looking for some AIP friendly cool drinks to enjoy this summer.

Who’s Thirsty??


It’s time for AIP Summer Drinks:


rose scented iced tea/ aip/ paleo/ indian/ iced tea/ rose tea/ autoimmune paleo

Rose Scented Iced Tea – from Adventures in Partaking 

Based on a drink we were served in Jaipur, India, this rose scented iced tea will make you feel like royalty. Made with dried roses and lemons it’s sweet and tangy and refreshing on a warm afternoon. It also makes a great drink to serve for little girl tea parties, baby showers, bridal showers or brunches with it’s pretty pink color.


2 glasses of cucumber lemon mint drink

Mint Cucumber Lemonade – from A Saucy Kitchen

The combo of mint, lemon and cucumber just screams refreshing and makes you think you’re at a spa sipping on infused water. My advice is to make up a pitcher of this goodness, pack a simple picnic and go enjoy the great outdoors! And, it totally makes me think of the sugar laden lemon mint drinks that are so popular here in UAE….. but without all that inflammatory sugar.



2 glasses of thai berry drinking vinegar

Berry Infused Thai Drinking Vinegar – from Autoimmune Wellness

This drink takes a little time to prep (a couple of weeks to be exact), but it’s oh so worth it in the end. My advice is go to the kitchen now and get this one started so that you can enjoy it soon. The vinegar helps to aid in digestion, the infused berry flavor is the taste of summer and it feels like a ‘special’ drink when you sip it with some sparkling water. It’s the perfect AIP summer ‘mocktail.’



2 glasses of lemon ginger mint thirst quencher

Ginger, Lemon & Mint Infused Water – from Adventures in Partaking

Sometimes plain ‘ole water just won’t cut it and you want something to jazz up that water. This infused water not only jazzes up the taste, but gives you a wellness boost with the vitamin C in the lemon and the anti-inflammatory properties of the ginger.



a tall ice cold strawberry mocktail

Summer is Coming – Strawberry Mocktail – from Beyond the Bite for Life

Imagine sipping on this (or serving this) at your next summer party. No one will feel deprived with this mocktail in their hand. Plus its a fun and flavorful way to use some of the amazing berries that are everywhere this time of year.


strawberry hibiscus tea ready for summer

Strawberry Hibiscus Iced Tea – from Autoimmune Wellness

It’s floral and fruity with a kick of mint which makes it the perfect drink for a warm summer afternoon. I can just imagine sitting on a porch swing sipping on this tea and listening to the birds chirp. It relaxes me just to think about it.


refreshing lemon and mint iced tea

Lemon and Mint Iced Camomile Tea – from Comfort Bites Blog

Don’t you just want to drink this iced tea all summer long? I mean seriously…. look at those lemons and the melting ice. I’m cooled off just looking at it and imagining how refreshing it would be on a summer afternoon.


cold brew herbal coffee

Cold Brew Herbal “Coffee” – from Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

For the coffee fans out there I’m sure it’s a struggle this time of year watching all your friends enjoy cold coffee drinks from your favorite coffee shops. With this herbal “coffee” you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on anything. Even on AIP you can have your “coffee” and drink it too!


a big pitcher of aip tropical punch

Tropical Punch – from A Clean Plate

Packed with vitamin C and tropical flavors, this drink is a great summer alternative for when you or your kids are cravings a sugary sweet drink…. all of the flavor without the added processed sugar. Plus, the colors are so vibrant that you want to dive into this drink!


Summer Drink TOOLS:

  • Paper Straws – It’s always more fun to sip drink from a straw, but we don’t want to add plastic to the landfills, so these paper straws are the perfect option
  • Stainless Steel Straws – OR… if you don’t want to have any waste at all, give these stainless steel or these fun and colorful glass straws a try… their both totally reusable and eco-friendly.
  • Stainless Steel Tumbler – perfect for taking your favorite AIP summer drink with you this summer




4 glasses of rose scented iced tea







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