AIP/ Paleo in Dubai

AIP/ Paleo in Dubai

It can sometimes be tough to figure out the AIP diet in new places. Here’s all the info I have about being AIP/ Paleo in Dubai, UAE.

Recently I’ve had lots of people ask about AIP/ Paleo shopping/ eating here in Dubai, so I thought I’d put together this resource to help you out. I’ll add to it as new things are discovered.


AIP Shopping in Dubai – this is a post I wrote about where I do most of my shopping and what I tend to buy. I mention several different stores and markets in this post. Read this first.

Convenience Foods – mainly frozen vegetables that I like to buy. I find Carrefour has the best selection of frozen veggies, especially veggie purees (celery root, broccoli, carrot)

Prime Gourmet – butcher in Gold & Diamond Park. They offer grass fed beef & lamb and do delivery which is always a plus.

Brands I like to buy and where I find them:

same brand for coconut milk and oil

Coconut Oil – this brand is available at the Organic Store as well as at Geant
Coconut Milk – this brand is available at the Organic Store as well as at Geant and is just coconut and water

  • Coconut Flour – Bob’s Red Mill – available at Organic store, Geant, Lulu
  • Plantain Chips – I tend to find ones with just palm or coconut oil most most easily at Lulu in Barsha – you just have to read labels
  • Plantains/ Mountain Bananas – the sign won’t say plantains, but they are available in most stores. I buy them often at Lulu


The Cycle Bistro – this is a restaurant review that I wrote. The whole restaurant is paleo and they are AIP friendly if you need to make some adjustments. I’ve even spoken to the chef about AIP needs. This is also a fun place to hang out and they have free wifi and the smoothies are refreshing. If you just want to go for a snack I would recommend the sweet potato fries or tostones (although they have tomatoes) and a Green Goodness smoothie.

me with the cheesecake

Comptoir 102 – they focus on local, organic, gluten & sugar free. All of their desserts are gluten,  dairy & sugar free (but most contain nuts). You can easily find something paleo and most of the time AIP (with some modifications). Their menu changes daily/ weekly based on availability of quality ingredients. They also have really good smoothies and juices.

Life ‘N’ One Cafe – Their menu is gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and vegetarian, plus they offer free flavored water (with leon & mint) and have free wifi. I had salad with baby spinach, pears & walnuts with a green juice and my friend had their raw zucchini pasta. Another fun treat with this place is the garden setting that I’m sure will be lovely in the cooler months.

Baker and Spice – This restaurant prides itself on fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables and all of their menus are based around the theme of local, organic, fresh and homemade. While not truly paleo or AIP, they often have salads and other options that work, plus they host a weekly local farmer’s market.

Zest -Ibn Battuta Mall – This little place in the Ibn foodcourt allows you to build your own salads and juices, so you can easily make wise choices there. I’ve checked and their tuna is is just tuna, water & salt. They say their salad dressings are olive oil, but I’m not sure of the quality. If you can eat nightshades, their Tomato soup is AMAZING (sadly I haven’t had it in over a year).

Omnia Gourmet – I haven’t eaten here yet, but have heard good things. The food is local and organic when possible and the whole menu is gluten free and a lot of it is raw, dairy free & sugar free as well. Looking at the menu, there aren’t a lot of AIP options, but plenty of paleo options and the desserts look really good.

Protein Bake Shop – This is an online grain free bakery…I won’t say paleo because they use peanuts and some dairy products. Back when I was eating nuts I really enjoyed their ‘rawnola’, almond butter and chocolate stacks

** I LOVE a good burger, so thought I’d include my go-to burger places on their own

The Counter – This is my favorite burger joint in town. The meat isn’t great quality, but I love the concept (and grain fed beef won’t kill me if eaten occasionally). You can order your burger in a bowl with organic greens and all the toppings you like. Plus, they have sweet potato fries!

Elevation Burger – They do the best lettuce wraps of anywhere in town. And, if you can handle white potatoes, their fries are cooked in olive oil. They have locations all over town. My 2 favorite spots are Jumeirah Beach Road and Dubai Mall.

Burger Fuel – This is a chain from New Zealand with locations around town. Their meat is grass fed and they will happily do a lettuce wrap.

South Street Burger – This burger joint is in the foodcourt at Ibn Battuta mall and features grass-fed, no hormone, no antibiotic beef from Canada. They will happily do a lettuce wrap for your burger.

Salt – Kite Beach – When the weather cools down, this food truck on Kite Beach is a perfect place for a burger. They have good quality beef and will do a lettuce wrap for you.