AIP Safari: Fast Friendly Foods for Any Adventure

Introducing… “AIP Safari: Fast, Friendly Food for any Adventure.” This book combines two of my favorite things… food and travel. This book can be your’s for just $6 and is the perfect companion for all of your AIP travels, with all the recipes, tips and tricks that you need to stay AIP compliant wherever your journeys may take you.

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The word SAFARI comes from the Swahili language of East Africa, where it simply means journey. But, since the 1850’s when an explorer used it to describe his travels in Africa, it has made it’s way into the English language, usually with connotations like the above pictures.
Growing up in East Africa, SAFARI was a regular part of life as we traveled across country for days at a time in our trusty land rover. These weren’t quick day trips, or leisurely drives along super highways, with convenience stores and rest areas along the way, but instead were five day treks along rough dirt tracks. We enjoyed the trips (most of the time) as we spotted animals along the way and played car games. BUT, these trips required lots and lots of pre-planning. For days, or weeks before a trip we’d be busy freezing water bottles, making bread, frying lots of meat, making survival bars and other treats, and making sure we had everything we needed for five days in the car. There would be no gas stations or supermarket stops along the way. If we needed it, it went in the car with us.
I know you’re wondering what this tale of African Safaris has to do with you and your AIP/ Paleo journey. Right? For most of us today, our journeys and adventures take us along well traveled paths where we’d have to try to avoid rest areas, gas stations, supermarkets or airport food courts, but traveling as part of the AIP/Paleo lifestyle often means a great deal of preparation and planning as although modern conveniences are everywhere, they’re rarely a benefit on our healing journeys. So, whether your adventure takes you to the carpool lane or the city park or on an airplane to Grandma’s house or further afield, the recipes and tips in this book will help you survive and thrive on your AIP Safari.

Safari Njema! (Have a good trip!)

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Here’s a peak inside the book…

AIP Safari is packed full of recipes ready to be packed up and taken along on your next journey, tips for food packing and a TON of travel resources. These are some of the recipes you’ll find in the book. Whether you need a salad to take on a picnic, foods to pack for a plane flight or some treats for a road trip, you’ll find the recipes you need in this book. You’ll also find tips for getting food through airport security and links to resources to make your AIP travel easier.
As much fun as I had creating these recipes, my favorite part of the book was all of the extra pages:
  • Games to play in the car
  • Info on how to choose your seat on a flight
  • Tips for staying AIP on a cruise
  • Tips for sleeping on a plane
  • Ideas for entertainment in airports around the world
  • + some AIP basics in case you’re just getting started
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